Stephan Lemmer

Belleville, MI

Stephan's Bio

Stephan Lemmer is a graduate student, singer, and general scofflaw currently residing in Belleville, Michigan. He received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical engineering from Rose-Hulman institute of Technology, and a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics-Industrial Mathematics from University of Texas – San Antonio.

Stephan currently attends The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he is pursuing a PhD in Robotics and is working with Jason Corso's research group in computer vision. Previously, he worked as a research engineer in the Cooperative Vehicle Systems Section of Southwest Research Institute’s Intelligent Systems Devision. Here he worked on hardware, software, and regulation/testing for connected and autonomous vehicles. You can read more about Stephan’s professional life at his professional page

Stephan is also the inventor, manufacturer, and sole purveyor of the CaseCorder, a smartphone case primarily designed for more ergonomic recording of video. You can find more information about CaseCorder at the CaseCorder website

Since beginning vocal training in February of 2013, Stephan has loaned his bass voice to a number of performances, including operas in English and Italian, musicals, and choral performances. You can read more about Stephan’s vocal work at his vocal page